Monday, December 17, 2018

a teddy bear twosome

Finished just in time! These guys turned out looking so incredibly cute. They are now packed up in festive boxes and shipped off to the nieces.

On the second bear I was careful not to put in stuffing all the way up to where I was working once I started the neck and as I suspected it was easier to knit that section. That left just the snout as a bit fiddly with the stuffing getting in the way of knitting comfortably, but that's doable. 


I used some of the black acrylic yarn I've been using for Christmas balls to detail the faces. And just look at these cute little mugs! I love that while the pattern is the same their faces look different because of the way the colors on the snout worked out. Tomorrowland on the top has a dark nose which makes his face pop "out" more to the eye while Snowflake Tweed down below has a darker stripe around the edge of the snout making it look entirely different. 

They turned out pretty big, about 12 inches across from paw to paw and 14 or so from head to toe. I would say this pattern was really well written and I'm really impressed with both the results and how enjoyable it was to knit through it (twice!) and feel like a pro by the end. I've certainly been enjoying this book of patterns, and I hope my nieces enjoy their new knitted buddies. 

Pattern: Sock Yarn Teddy Bear from Arne and Carlos Favorite Designs book
Yarn: Schachenmayer Regia Festival Color 4 ply in 'Tomorrowland' and 'Snowflake Tweed'
Needles: US 1.5 dpns

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