Monday, November 25, 2019

long time coming

As I was cleaning up my craft room today, I found myself moving this from place to place. It's a hoop I started way long ago, like long enough that I don't really remember when. It got stuck in the little ottoman in our living room in a nearly finished state, but apparently forgotten. I wasn't quite sure how to finish it at the time.

I went in the ottoman the other day looking for something else and pulled this out to put in my craft room somewhere in the way so I'd get it done. Turns out, I know myself pretty well. Literally all I needed to do was trim the fabric on the back and pull it tight with a running stitch. Why was that so hard?? Unknown. 

I'm happy it's done now, and am enjoying the fact that this was a long slow make that took several stages. I can remember having the felt flowers on there and leaving it for a while before I went back to add the whimsical embroidery. I think I'll find a nice spot for it in the bedroom. 

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