Monday, April 13, 2020

week four

Week four of sheltering in place is in the books. We had a video Easter dinner with some friends of ours up the peninsula, so that was nice. It's amazing what a difference the video chatting makes vs talking on the phone! It's also a way for whole groups of people to feel like our rooms are somewhat connected. In the meantime, I finished up my last three patches of Arne & Carlos's knit along last night, steamed them this morning. 

I love the way the pink and navy lily came out, the contrast is perfect. And the vine block in the middle with the two greens actually looks pretty good from this distance. Annoyingly despite being very different colors in balls next to each other they started to feel blended in as I knit, especially with this pixelated design. The teddy bear is not my favorite block, but he turned out pretty cute in gray. I guess he's more of a polar bear. Below is my collection of patches from the last month, the first four weeks of these strange times of social distancing and face masks. I used a part of every single partial skein/scrap of fingering yarn I had in my stash except two. One of those was not enough to do anything with and the other was very like another green I'd already used. 

It's been fun to have these to distract this last little while but I'm ready to move on and focus on my sweater for a bit. I'm looking forward to seeing their directions on how to sew these up and make them into a pillow, because I'm not sure I "get" it yet. In my mind I'm seeing stretchy seams and stuffing coming out the knitting, but I know I must be wrong! In the meantime I suppose I'll tackle weaving in all those ends. 

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