Monday, July 20, 2020

week eighteen

This last week I spent some time taking stock of all the quilts I have in process hanging in my studio. I was running out of places to put folded quilt tops and hung quilt tops and.... quilt tops. The solution was to clean everything up, scraps and all, and start cutting some batting. I cut batting for three of the five and I folded two of them up with labels and set to basting one. 

This one was just a touch too wide to use on my new quilting frame so I cleared off my cutting/ironing counter and pin basted. I knew I wanted to use straight lines anyway, so it’s ok that I’m using my machine sans frame. Today I got about half of the lines done in a really nice orange thread on top and a dark gray on the back. It’s looking super so far and won’t take much more time to get it done this week. 

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