Monday, August 10, 2020

week twenty one

This afternoon had me enjoying my new clips as I started binding my brother’s birthday quilt. I used these for the quilted hexagons, too, but I think where I’ve really been missing them is in applying binding. This will make it so much more pleasant to sew my way around the quilt. These are the perfect size for this task, not to big and not too small, and they hold things together with a very firm grip. 

I have to say I’ll be sorry to give this one up. This binding makes me giggle, and I’m enjoying the fact that I had enough of it to also get a good section of the backing covered in surprised minion eyes as well. And that minion flying the rocket ship just kills me. COVID is crap and I am bummed I won’t be going home for this birthday, but I am extremely pleased with the way my stand in is turning out. 

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