Thursday, April 23, 2020

pineapple play

I felt inspired to work a bit more on this quilt today. It's strange that I haven't wanted to spend much time in the studio since we've been told to stay at home. You'd think I'd be stuck in there, but aside from the couple of bags I sewed for gifts I've really felt more like curling up with some knitting on the couch - maybe a self comforting sort of thing? Today was a beautiful sunny day to open up the window, air out the house, and make some progress on my pineapple blocks. And it was so satisfying.

I've got grand plans to have this one done for draping on the couch sometime this summer - we will see! The blocks are fun to make and pretty easy with my handy dandy template ruler gadget. I have all of my pieces organized into piles in a storage box so it's pretty satisfying to sit at the machine and pick out strips as I go. I've figured out a good rhythm chain piecing and ironing that got me seven blocks today. They are looking so cool put together up on the wall. It's a little bit like one of those magic eye pictures! Eight down, sixteen to go. 

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