Monday, April 20, 2020

week five

And just like that there's the close of the fifth week of staying at home. I've been knitting away at my sweater, though I don't have any pictures to show of it. I'll take a few eventually as it's nice to have a visual catalog of progress to look back on. The other big thing we did this week was yesterday. We painted our master bedroom.

Kepler was pretty interested in the whole process so we decided to close the kitties out of the room, but I did snap a cute shot of him and Dave stirring paint. We hadn't planned on painting this soon, though admittedly as I type that I realize that eight months to the day have flown by since we've moved in. Regardless of how long it's been, we always thought we'd do the wood floor upstairs first but we didn't settle on what we wanted before it started to become obvious in early March that we might not want to be going out quite as much. I remember we had a "let's go to Floor and Decor on the peninsula" planned for the weekend right before our shelter in place order officially started that we thought better of as the news started to turn. So we figured we'd get other things done around the house as we could. 

Painting has actually turned out to be a great way to feel like we are making progress on getting this to feel like "our" house. It feels like home for sure, but it's fun to get going on really making it ours. I suppose it's a small silver lining of having more time at home to ponder the walls and spend time on Pinterest looking at interior design boards. We managed to couple a trip for water softener pellets with a paint purchase for a few things including this lovely pale green for our bedroom. I'm so happy to see that yellow go! It looks great downstairs in the living room, but I'm over it upstairs. It took us the better half of a day to get two coats up on the walls and I'm loving the instant gratification, but my shoulders and arms are protesting the fact that I did most of the second coat myself! It's an out of the box color choice for me, but I LOVE it. 

As we put the room back together, we took the opportunity to shuffle our furniture around. Switching the bed and dresser has consolidated the open space into one area rather than three, and I'm looking at a great space for a comfy chair over in that corner. Depending on the light the color looks greener or bluer, but either way I am enjoying how much brighter the room is and how much bigger it feels. We are looking forward to putting the finishing touches in as soon as we decide what we want. Until then I'll enjoy the fact that it accidentally matches the pretty dusty foliage of one of my favorite plants outside. Serendipity.

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