Monday, April 6, 2020

week three

The third week of our sheltering in place and the third week of the knit along are both in the books. Here are my five patches from this week. I tried again to use a variegated yarn and failed royally, but the subtle star is still kind of fun. The rest of the week's color combinations went a little smoother. I really like the blue and green combo in the butterfly block, but I definitely lost at yarn chicken. Serendipitously it was near a decent part of the top wing for a color change so I stuck with it and just did the rest of it in yellow. We'll call it a design feature! I love them all. 

It's a little strange to think that we as a county are approaching what would have been the end of our original shelter in place order tomorrow. Three weeks ago it seemed unthinkable that we'd be out of commission for almost a month. Now we are looking at more of the same through the beginning of May and it's amazing how quickly we've adapted our thinking. Now instead of unthinkable it seems like "oh that's a good idea". The rhythm of life is actually starting to take shape into something I am rather enjoying. To be clear, not the reason nor the requirement, and it's not all sunshine and roses, but some of the unintended consequences on our lives can be perceived positively - the slower mornings and lack of a sunrise commute; having Dave working from home; leaving behind what felt like a rat race most days. Nowadays the rats are strolling rather than racing. What is most worrisome to me, aside from the obvious hope that everyone maintain their health, is that this whole event will definitely have a global impact in many ways both predictable and not. We still have our health and the ability to work from home, even if it's less work than usual, so for now I will count ourselves lucky and hope very hard for minimized impacts and speedy recovery for those less lucky. 

I have been ruminating on these and many other thoughts while working on this kaleidoscope of patches the last three weeks. This knit along, while it may seem frivolous, has given me a good space to think on what is going on while allowing me to put it down for the rest of the hours of the day. I'm inclined to be a worrier, and it is nice to have a tool to help put a box around the amount of time I can spend thinking over things I cannot control. That said, I have also been enjoying the color play and creative process. Looking over the photo of all the patches I am enjoying the way they all look together while also 100% knowing that I wouldn't have ever thought to throw this many different colors into one project. Just three more patches to go before pillow assembly.

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