Friday, June 29, 2012

A cupcake for a picnic

There's just something so aesthetically pleasing about a roll up of binding. It's almost like a yarn cake, but smaller. A cupcake? Anyway. 

In the past I've either used packaged binding or made scrappy binding on the grain. This was my first experience making bias binding. I had a half a yard of fabric I bought specifically for the binding on the Aviary Patchwork quilt, and was not relishing the idea of making all those seams to join strips together. I found a few tutorials online for making bias binding, mostly all leading back to this page. It took me only about 30 minutes to mark up, sew, and cut a little over 11 yards of binding. Wow!   

Here's a peek at the material I've got to finish up the quilt. Natural and black-ish linen for the back and my happy little binding cupcake. The scraps from the front will be put to good use on the back as well. I'm so pleased with how this quilt is looking, here's hoping it finishes up well!

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