Thursday, October 18, 2012

eep! EPP!

It's been nice to have a bit of hand stitching to do over the past week. I just sat on the couch with Dave during the evenings and stitched away while watching episodes of Poirot on Netflix.

These six-pointed stars end up being pretty big! It's kind of satisfying, actually. I've had this false impression that paper piecing always involves little fiddly bits, and indeed the couple of experiences I have had with it involved smaller blocks and more pieces. These were a lot easier and faster.

The other nice thing about this is, I only have to make two! They are off to be made into a bee quilt. Still not sure I'd want to make a whole quilt myself using this technique. Smaller projects like pillows seem ok. I need to find a thimble strategy that I like better than 'none' -- my leather ones make me feel like I have 4 thumbs.

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  1. Love the colors you used. I think as far as the thimble deal goes, practice....practice....practice.
    Love the blog, Alia!! Love ya Shannan


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