Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm seeing pink elephants

I wanted to make little Maria a stuffed friend to go along with her flannel blanket, so I opened up my One Yard Wonders book to try to find a good candidate. I had previously made a corduroy bear pillow from a pattern in this book and I liked it, but it was kind of big for a three week old. There are some big stuffed animals out there! The one I settled on was Elodie the Elephant, who as it turned out is just about as big as Maria is anyway. Ah well.

I picked a cute pink owl print and a bit of purple for the inside of her ears. I opted for an "Amish elephant" (i.e. without eyes) because I think buttons would have looked much better than an embroidered set of eyes, but buttons and newborns don't mix. I didn't LOVE making this, but I think that's more because I don't like sewing stuffed things closed rather than that I didn't like the pattern. I'm not 100% convinced I put the ears in the best place, but she's pretty cute anyway. 

Little elephant waits on the car while we get
a flat tire fixed on the way to her new home!

Maria got her gifts this past weekend, and I hope she enjoys them. Lizzie was pretty excited about the elephant since she was talked out of buying a little pachyderm just a few days before. I love it when I hear "oh wait, you MADE this???" - that's a pretty big compliment!

(Cross one item off the 100 day hustle list!)

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