Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quick crochet

I had a hankering the other day to start and finish a quick yarn project. Dishcloths are really fun small projects, and I have several balls of cotton yarn hanging around in my stash. I browsed around the interwebs for a while looking for a different pattern than the ones I've been using and found this lovely specimen based on an African flower hexagon motif.

I really love the salmon-y orange shown in the picture on that webpage. I have some pretty variegated colors, but I think this particular design benefits from a solid color in the center at least. I grabbed my yellow yarn and spent a nice relaxing evening on in the sewing room hanging out with our new cat (!!) and crocheting up a cute little dishcloth. I outlined it in bright green and added a chain stitch loop at the end as a hanger. It is now hanging up on the wall over the kitchen sink spreading the sunshine around. I really, really like that flower motif in the center.

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