Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Whimsy, finally complete!

This quilt has been a long time coming! I started it in April and then got stalled mid-year with that whole PhD thing. Kelly is a postdoc who worked with me in lab, so I'm SURE she understands that this is a little delayed in coming for her little one who is adorable and 3 months old by now.

I finished it off by piecing together 2.5" strips of leftover fabric from the Dutch Geese block to make binding. The binding was attached by machine, finishing with a zigzag stitch. The bright green of binding looks nice with the (even brighter!) pink background. 

This quilt was especially fun for me because I stretched. I improvised myself a simple setting for this single block that gave me lots of negative space to quilt in. The dogwood blossom quilting, my first large-scale fmq attempt, looks fantabulous and adds lots of texture that I'm enjoying looking at as I sit here typing. 

I couldn't be more pleased with the way this turned out, and I can't wait to wrap it up and give it to my friend, Mama Kelly. It matches her bright and cheerful personality, a trait I valued so much while working with her and which I am sure she will pass on to her little girl. 

43" x 58"

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  1. Great little quilt! Congratulations on your finish!!!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  2. Great quilting! It adds a lot of fun texture to the negative space - very touchable!

  3. Very beautiful, I love the colors you chose--especially the red.

  4. Stunning quilt. Your dogwood quilting looks great.


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