Thursday, January 15, 2015

so this happened

This folks, is a bound Modern Medallion quilt. It's been sitting around waiting to be trimmed and bound so I can start the final round of hand quilting. Apparently the small sewing project on Tuesday night got me rummaging around in my sewing stuff enough to want to work on some more. 

I had intended all along to make a scrappy binding. Part of the reason this took me so long to do was that I wasn't in love with that idea. With the last round of fabrics I thought the quilt all of a sudden got "too orange" and the thought of adding even more warm colors in the binding wasn't doing it for me. I settled on the solid blue linen and made about 7 yards of 2.5" binding. After ironing it in half, I sewed it on the front with about a 3/8" allowance, give or take. 

Instead of folding over and zig-zag stitching it down on the machine like I usually do, I sat down on the couch, kitty at my feet, and hand sewed the binding to the back using a quilter's between and hand quilting thread just like Dave's mom taught me. It took the better part of two evenings to do but I'm glad I did. As Dave pointed out, it goes along with the hand quilting nicely.

I want to finish this soon so we can use it on our bed come spring. I just need to get some suitable colors of pearl cotton thread to tackle that last border. Woo! The end is in sight.

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