Sunday, February 15, 2015

tide pool

This arrangement of yarn and stitches is reminding me of some of the tide pools down in Monterey Bay.

Metaphor aside, I've made some significant progress on Fomhar since December. The whole central panel is finished. This is still my slow and steady in between project, but I'm excited to see what this looks like when it blocks out. It will certainly grow, and all of the little lace details will really open up and show off this yarn. 

I'm getting better at reading complex charts for sure. The final border section of this pattern may have some mistakes in the written pattern (according to several Ravelry folks) so I'm hoping to refer primarily to the charts from here on out but boy do they sometimes get confusing! I'm on to the first border section which is more lacy little fans. Still loving the yarn and the pattern choice.

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