Tuesday, February 24, 2015


In August 2013 I posted a tutorial for a Lonestar Hexagon block to be made by my quilting bee mates at the time. Yikes time flies! It took some time to receive the blocks (in fact, two never got here - sad sauce) but really most of the gap between then and now was me putting it away and taking a break from quilting. 

Now I'm ironing and trimming. :) 

I had quite a few wrinkles to get out and 60 sides to trim to get these bad boys approximating regular hexagons. When I start sewing them together we will see just how good of a job I did! I think looking back it was quite brave (read: naive) of me to put away blocks with potentially distortable edges for so long. Any block can stretch out if not treated gently, but triangles and diamonds? My goodness. All I have to do is look at it and think "stretch". 

We all made from our stashes following general guidelines for colors. I really enjoy seeing everyone's interpretations of a single color scheme and all the pretty fabric combinations in these blocks. Originally I pictured in my head a more unified color palette, but I love the crazy quilt feel of this now!

I played with these on the floor (aka my 'design wall') for a while before I got to a place where I liked the relative positions and mixture of colors. Now I'm just trying to decide on a layout. I started out thinking I would sew them all together plain and simple but then wanted the quilt to end up bigger. Then I considered sashing between all the blocks which would look neat, but then I turned the blocks 30 degrees and put them all point to point. I'm kind of liking this idea. I would cut a bunch of equilateral triangles to fill in those gaps and end up with a secondary star pattern - a star-within-a-star if I'm imagining it correctly. Might be kind of cool! 

I'm hoping to make it a twin-sized quilt for my niece's birthday in April. Maybe Christmas! Now that I'm looking at it, I'm wondering if should make 4 more blocks and add columns of two on each side to make it a hexagon quilt…. anyone want to help? :) Maybe I should get my triangles sewn into what I have so far first.

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