Thursday, June 25, 2015

have a heart

I finally cast off this shawl! Last night, in an anticlimactic "ooh I'll just sit for a minute and see how much I can get done" moment the last stitch finally dropped off my needle. The pattern, Hearts on a String, somewhat escaped me in symbolism until I stretched out the lace to check out the final product. For some reason the heart stands out much more to me here than it does if the lace is slack - then it all just looks like leaves to me. 

It still has to be blocked, but I can say that I will likely really love it when it's done. The yarn is drapey and light, and as a bonus it is not wool, so I'm 100% not sensitive to it. (Don't ask me how my neck is doing after rocking my all-wool Color Affection shawl yesterday...) In the end I find that I'm not a great fan of lace knitting because it requires so much concentration, at least for me at this stage. It's hard to carry on a conversation or watch Wayward Pines. Baseball has been ok. Maybe I need more practice. Or maybe it's ok to not like lace knitting. The jury is out. Suffice to say that I just cast on a garter stitch project to take on vacation with me. 

Don't it look impressive though?! More to come after the block.

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