Thursday, July 16, 2015

vacation knitting

I've got a couple of projects on the needles/hook but wanted to start something simple to take with me on our recent vacation to the prairies of the Midwest. Somehow sitting on the plane navigating complex crochet charts or a bulky sweater pattern wasn't appealing to me. Are you surprised? 

Sticking to my stash and my Ravelry queue, I popped two skeins of Tosh Merino Light into a project bag and started a few rows of a Pendulum the night before our flight. Because really, who likes to concentrate enough to start a project while in the airport. Not this girl. I think Dave might be used to the added bullet point on the list of things to do pre-vacation. Do laundry, clean house, pack, start a knitting project...

After the lacy brain drain of my last project, garter stitch with the added interest of short rows was just what I needed. Here's my progress early on in the vacation -- displayed in the lovely confines of our tent in Prophetstown State Park in Indiana where it survived the attentions of two shih tzus and nightly deluges of rain while we camped with Dave's folks.

The picture below is a few days later -- that goes to show you how fast this works up! One of the reasons I wanted to take this particular project with me on this vacation is that last year for Mom's birthday I sent her the Pendulum pattern with a couple skeins of yarn and the appropriate set of needles. I thought it would be fun to work on the same project together. Turns out she'd started and ripped back a few times, so I got to help her figure out the increases and away we went on our tandem knitting adventure. Nice to know I can teach a thing or two to someone who's taught me so much!

Dave took this picture of the two of us with our Pendula on July 4th. Mom is just getting started, and I'm zipping along the long rows in the middle somewhere. Nothing like hanging out in the living room with your mom, crafting away. It was an awesome vacation. 

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