Monday, July 27, 2015

knitting the hours away

The wonderful thing about having a relatively simple project to work on is being able to pick it up anytime, anywhere. 

This garter stitch shawl is great because I only need to remember to count after a wrap and turn and to add single increases at the end of each row. Easy! On a plane? Sure. In a tent? Piece of cake. Watching Outlander/Wayward Pines/Dave play Arkham Knight? Sure thing. On the porch with some cold brew? Don't mind if I do. 

I'm loving the color combo and the ridge-ity bumpy garter stitch texture. A discerning eye will notice that the lines from the color changes are visible on both sides of the piece. That's because somebody can't read directions. I noticed about halfway in that I hadn't doubled back in the appropriate places to ensure the color changes would all land on the same side (i.e. the eventual "back"). It doesn't bother me though. I kind of like the extra little sparkle of that one row of mixed color and to be honest I wasn't going to rip back that far to fix something that wasn't going to totally ruin the thing. 

It grows and grows! Time to look for an appropriately stretchy bind off. 

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