Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Endor, finished

This project could have taken me just over a week to finish -- I finished the first glove in six days back in January. Alas I got distracted by other things (starting a new job, mostly) and then didn't relish the thought of recreating my pattern modifications despite the copious notes I took. What finally did it was that I finished a few other projects and wanted to cast on a new one. I got out the yarn and pattern all excited, but I couldn't find my size 8 needles! I must have lent my interchangeable tips to Cindy, and when I got to thinking I realized my standalone circulars must be tucked away in the ottoman with the erstwhile Endor gloves. Shoot.

I've been pretty good at not stacking up too many knit-wips at a time. Keeping it up, instead of throwing the gloves on stitch holders and purloining the needles I put my other yarn away and sat down to finish the right glove. The issue keeping me away was that I left off at the part where I added fingers to the fingerless mitts. Yep, the fancy bit. Also the hard bit. It took me some time to decipher my notes, but in the end I remembered how it all went and one James Bond movie later (Roger Moore in Octopussy if you're curious) I was finished with fingers and flip-top. Somehow no matter how good notes seem at the time you write them, they don't always make perfect sense when you refer back to them. It used to happen to me in lab sometimes, too.

I'll have to soak them a little bit to get some of the dye out of the wool before Dave can use them. While I was working on these my fingers and nails got pretty stained. I do love the deep colors though. I remember I picked this up on a whim from a knitting expo in San Mateo. It was labeled kroy pencil roving and seemed super durable and outdoorsy. I had Borough gloves in my Ravelry queue for a while, wanting to make them for Dave so he could look hip while we were camping. I think the yarn and pattern match perfectly. I 'simply' added fingers and changed the way the flip-top was constructed. Notes on these modifications can be found on my Ravelry project page.

Dave is pretty tickled with these. I'm looking forward to colder weather so I can wear some of my new knits, and now so is he. Hopefully we will get to take them camping! Maybe we'll even find some Ewoks.

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