Monday, August 31, 2015

ball one done

I hadn't touched this project in a while, and lately I've been doing almost nothing but. This is the crocheted lace weight shawl I started in December, intending for it to be done by fall-ish time. Seems like my timing is about right!

I was excited the other night because I got to the end of my first ball of yarn. All 840 yards of lace weight loveliness. I'm about halfway through the border rows so that made me wonder, but upon consulting the chart the next rows have a lot of clusters. Those will eat up yarn like no tomorrow. So, I suppose it is conceivable I'll use up a substantial amount of this second ball before I'm done.

I managed to get through the mistake-y border instructions for round 5 - it wasn't that big of a deal actually. After reading through notes on Ravelry I was afraid it was going to be some complicated fix. It wasn't really, I just skipped 2 fewer stitches in a couple places. Ta da. Problem solved. It's easy to see how the printer made a mistake on the chart, and also easy to see how the written instructions would be assumed to work out with the way the "repeat from * to *" instructions were arranged. For a bit there I even thought maybe there wasn't a problem at all! It was great to have a heads up from other folks who had worked through the pattern though. Yeah for Ravelry! Not just a great place to find nifty patterns.

I've also had my hands on a new blanket project and my Aidez sweater here and there, which ironically means I haven't been hand quilting that quilt I was so sure would be done by the end of August... I'm pretty close though, only one more evening of work on it I'm sure!

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