Monday, March 7, 2016

punk rocky mountain

I finished a hat. In two days! This quick project was just what I needed this weekend. It was rainy and gray and the perfect weather to just curl up and knit all day long. I've been making some progress on my Moonraker, but I really wanted something smaller that I could call finished sooner. 

When I bought this yarn on Saturday the hat I envisioned making for myself was a single skein Violet Waffle like Dave's. To be honest, I've been envying it ever since I finished it. But then Dave bought me the slip stitch knitting book that had this awesome hat pattern in it. I just had to try it. A double whammy quick fix!

I paired up my Rocky Mountain High with the basically full skein leftover El Greco I had from changing course on Dave's hat and threw in the Court & Spark as the accent. There was quite a bit of black in the variegated skein, so it didn't end up with as much contrast as I was envisioning. It is still striking though, no?

The color changes and stripes of diamonds are easier to see on the inside. 

I love the texture and the colors and the slouch. I ended up leaving off a few repeats for less slouch than the pattern calls for, and I think I hit the right length for me. I also love that the bright yellow orange perfectly matches the shell of my ski jacket. I have some leftover so I may make some boot cuffs and/or mittens to match. 

Pattern: Spiral hat from The Art of Slip Stitch Knitting (my Ravelry project page)
Yarn: Madelinetosh Vintage in Rocky Mountain High, Colorado and Tosh DK in Court & Spark and El Greco
Needles: US sizes 4 and 5

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