Sunday, October 7, 2018

oh my! a quilt!

I'm working on a quilt, I swear, I'm working on a quilt. It's been so long since I have that it's a little hard to believe. My nieces even got in on the fun when they visited in August! Together we finished one quarter of it. The going is much slower now without helpers :) 

I started this back in June by sewing together strips of fabric and cutting out stacks and stacks and stacks of HSTs. Once the HSTs were done I had a pressing day (or two) where the triangles transformed into fully formed HST blocks which I then sorted into their respective piles. It felt like most of the work was really done at that point. What remains is "just" sewing squares into rows and rows into four large quarters of the quilt. 

While my nieces were here we devised a system where we stacked everything together ahead of sewing. Each row was labeled with the correct number and the squares were arranged in the order and orientation in which they were to be sewn. As you might imagine, this went very quickly with enthusiastic helpers!

I've got this stack of rows sitting on my desk waiting to be pressed and sewn together now. 

Current status: three quarters of the quilt are finished, and the rows for the last quarter are sewn up. So close to getting to sew these pieces together into a huge quilt top! It should be about 84" square, and all of these random looking stripes are going to come together into an amazing looking mosaic. Time will tell!

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