Wednesday, January 23, 2019


I made a thing!

Wait, back up. First, I bought a thing. 

This is a lovely double pointed needle set that I found in Fengari while we were out in Half Moon Bay for a run. Well technically it was after the run, obviously, but nonetheless it was an unplanned trip to the yarn store. Honestly, what do you do for your cool down? Doesn't everyone shop on Main? 

I had gotten a set of driftwood circular needles from this company to work on my Starchart hat not long ago and loved working with them. Seeing a set of dpns that are not at all the same size as any I already own (well maybe with one or two exceptions) made my eyes sparkle. They had to come home with me. 

And of course once home, they had to find a project. I finished my mosaic crochet piece a couple days ago (more on that to come), so I wanted to start something chunky and simple that I could take with me to work on at the horse show this week. Weeeeell. I ended up starting AND finishing it last night. Instead of working on it at the horse show I guess I'll be wearing it!

I had this beautifully variegated chunky yarn in the stash already and found it extremely pleasant to work with in making this hat. The pattern is dead simple and got me through both the women's and the men's quarter final matches at the Australian Open yesterday. Between that and the bright colors that match the colors of what I'm seeing around the tournament, it has become the Aussie hat. 

Pattern: Swirly Smooshy Chunky Beanie, free on Ravelry (my Ravelry page)
Yarn: Loops & Threads Facets in 'peridot'
Needles: US 13
Size: medium fits my 22ish inch head

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