Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Mosaic Medallion, finished

I finally finished this quilt in mid July, a year-ish after starting it, but SO MUCH LIFE has happened in between that I'm getting to sit down and reflect on it just now. Remember this? 

My last update in February I had just started the hand quilting. It took some time and I seriously debated finishing up by machine midway through, but I finished it up in time to bind and photograph before heading up to Sacramento to have a fun weekend with the recipients. Phew! Made it in time for their one year anniversary at least!

For the binding I used up my navy polka dot print and added a few leftover strips of other fabrics that were in the quilt. I really like the look of a scrappy binding, especially when the quilts are all folded up. I used my usual method of sewing to the front and zig-zag stitching down in the back. 

For the back I just pieced together two long pieces of yardage of fabrics I used in the quilt top - one is a really colorful flower print and the other a bright purple batik. I was sure to also give them a few color catchers for the first few washes, because I'm not at all sure how the batiks I used will wash. 

This is by far the largest quilt I have made to date. It ended up being about 90 inches square and a bear to wrestle with! I do love how it turned out. The pattern was a free pattern from Art Gallery Fabrics called Soulful Windows, and all of the fabrics were just pulled from my stash. Sarah really loves purple, like me, and I think the green and navy are nice complements to the different hues of purple I had.

I hand quilted in different colors of pearl cotton: coral, navy, and a variegated turquoise. It gets lost from far away but I promise, close up the colors pop and look really nice. I just did rounds of straight stitching around the medallion sections to keep it simple since the whole thing is pretty busy looking as it is. 

That also brings some of the medallion pattern from the front onto the back, which is otherwise pretty simple looking. 

This originally was intended as a picnic quilt, like other wedding quilts I have made, but it turned out so big that it fits very nicely on a queen sized bed. I hope they enjoy it, however they choose to use it. 

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