Wednesday, September 11, 2019

summer rainbows revisited

Here is another update from mid-July sewing. Looking back it seems like I started this a couple of years ago (August 2017?!). I've been making slow progress on the French braids since then, but found a couple of days this summer where I really wanted to work on them and get them finished up. 

The colors are looking so fun together -- definitely what I'd call bright and busy! Making the braids is surprisingly easy and just requires some patience because there is a lot of pressing required. Getting up and down from chain piecing to the ironing board slowed things down a bit, but I'm looking forward to solving that in the new place. ;) I was pretty smart though, and had kept all of the pieces in little orderly piles in a project bag in the closet so I didn't have to reorganize my color runs. It was super easy to just pick up and start piecing. Smart thinking, past self. 

These couple of pictures are from our old place and very effectively make the case for a design wall in the new one. It's hard to lay out big pieces and decide what you want to do with them using just an ironing board. Here I'm playing with the layout as written in the pattern - there are separators between the braids that I haven't made yet. I'm also considering doing something completely different with them and incorporating other quilt blocks that I like into more of a sampler style. I'm not really sure, but I'll have fun playing with all the possibilities.

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