Saturday, May 16, 2020

more little baskets

That little basket finish yesterday was so satisfying it had me looking at my fabric for some more fun combinations. Again, because I feel like I've "mastered the recipe", so to speak, I used the pattern as reference and just made sizes to whatever my pieces of fabric told me they could be. These were a fun Saturday afternoon project.

I chose these two combinations to coordinate better with the pink and green ribbon I wanted to use for the tabs. I think this type of project, even the smaller basket, is ideal for large prints like the interior of the large one or prints that are just too pretty to cut up like the sweet floral exterior of the small one. They turned out bright and cheery and bring a fun spring garden vibe indoors. I think navy polka dot is so classy, and the whimsical flower print pairs great with it as a set. If I were more deliberate with my measurements I could get a very nice set of nested ones that would be great as a gift. 

These two aren't going anywhere though! I'm not quite sure what will end up in these baskets but I will surely find something in the sewing room that needs to be corralled.

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