Wednesday, May 27, 2020

the versatile HST

I've been trimming my little HSTs that I got as scraps from the flock of flying geese I made. There are  144 of them! I've trimmed them all to be 1.5" square, which will end up being 1" finished. That gives me 144 square inches of fabric, which is a not insignificant amount. A 12x12 block for a pillow panel? So interesting to realize that those little scraps can add up to be quite a bit! I'm totally not going to save every bit and crumb, but I've been making random HSTs this way for a while now and it seemed like all those flying geese presented a good opportunity to get a lot of them in coordinating colors.

I thought about making one big block with them, but once I started playing around I decided I wanted to try many things. I started with the pinwheels, which admittedly would look amazing if I had done all of them that way, and then played around with orientation, value, and color to get the other designs. The one in the middle at the top I slant rhymed with a sampler block I saw on the cover of one of my quilting magazines. I have no idea if the original was made using HSTs or not, but it turned out pretty close!

I originally thought I'd make another pillow cover out of these, but I'm thinking they might end up as a small wall hanging for our pajama room instead. I think I just need to figure out how to arrange them with some more white background fabric or some linen. I can't decide so they'll hang out for a bit until I'm inspired.

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