Thursday, October 31, 2013

newton sleeps, i sew

I picked out a pattern for another studio pillow. Back in August I made a block for the Bee Sew Modern bee that I ended up really liking. Having recently acquired a nice navy print from the clearance section at the fabric store and remembering I had this pretty little calico leftover from Anna's Pinwheels in the Park quilt, I had the perfect set of blues to pair up with a rather large scrap of linen. 

It took me most of an afternoon to cut strips, piece my way through these blocks, and trim them. I used 6" squares as the foundation and cut 1.5" strips that were 8", 6", and 4". My marks for lining up the first strip were made 2" from the corners. As a note next time I should cut 1.75" strips. I used a scant 1/4" seam and was just kissing the edge of the corner with that last light blue strip. It will be fine, but more wiggle room would be had with slightly wider strips. I might even like it better with 2" strips and 2.5" marks on the foundation. 

I had to layout a few squares just to see the effect of my fabric placement, since I sort of guessed what would look best in terms of order. I'm happy! Newton isn't quite sharing my excitement. While I sew, he snoozes on the deck chair in the living room. He won't be happy when the construction outside is done and that chair goes back outside! Poor kitty. We're so mean. 

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