Thursday, March 29, 2012

Made for walking

I'm excited, my walking foot came! I've machine quilted before with my regular foot on my sewing machine, but after getting some good advice (and reading a lot of opinions about how great they are for quilting) I splurged and bought a walking foot.

I've been waiting to start quilting my Flora Fence project until this little gadget came, so now I'm ready to go! I also discovered yesterday while reading the manual to my machine that there is a 'hand quilting like' stitch. I'm going to do a test sew tonight to see what that's all about. I thought about hand quilting, but when I tried it recently on my first kitchen mini, I did not find it at all relaxing and ended up taking it out. I think I'm too a) impatient and b) obsessive about even-ness. This is the worst combination -- I go fast and then am unhappy when the stitches are wonky.

Hopefully I can get this quilted in a reasonable amount of time so it's done in time for us to enjoy the spring-i-ness of it while it's still spring!

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