Monday, September 7, 2015

a helping hand

Mom came to visit last week! For a whole week! I got to show off some of my projects in progress in person, which was a real treat. One of the first things I got out of my closet was the pieces of Samara's Lonestar Hexagon quilt. Everything is looking pretty great, I just needed to make two more blocks. I enlisted Mom's help pretty much as soon as she walked in the door ;). 

It was fun having a buddy in the craft room, and we made pretty quick work of picking out fabrics and cutting all the pieces. Sewing them up took a little bit longer, but with Mom at the ironing board pressing all the seams and me piecing at the machine, we finished both blocks before bedtime.  I think the one above is one of my favorites from the whole quilt! There's just something about those navy polka dots.

Next step is to fit these two into the layout with the rest of the blocks and to get the top pieced. I can totally imagine this being done for the holidays this year - finally!

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