Monday, September 14, 2015

Fomhar, stitched

Another side effect of Mom's vacation was lots of evening time to chat, relax, and work on yarny projects. Mom brought her Pendulum along and I had this stole to sit and work on. One day we even took our projects to a local park bench for a few hours in the afternoon. I was happy to see that a few folks who walked by peeked over and smiled. It was pretty funny though because while I was working on crochet and Mom on knitting, we are each actually much more comfortable with the opposite! I was teaching Mom wrap & turns while grumbling about tangling my stitches making clusters. It was one of my favorite parts of the vacation though. I wish we could spend more time on park benches whiling the time away like that. All I had to think about was what stitch came next and 'ooh how pretty the leaves look in this light'. Bliss!

Turns out there are a LOT of clusters in these borders! It made for slow going, but a few days of diligent work brought me to the end of the final round on the last evening Mom was here. I'm curious to see how the clusters and chain loops end up looking when the piece is blocked. (It's really difficult to photograph this yarn and get the colors to shine through, but in the photo below the color shows up really well.)

I'm super excited this is finished just in time for Fall. I hope it gets cool enough that this will be a nice layer to bring along to work and play. Stay tuned for the block.  

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