Wednesday, June 17, 2020

bonus wall hanging in progress

Well this feels pretty good to get done, or rather assembled into almost doneness. My little HST scrap blocks have been hanging around on the wall for a while waiting for me to decide how to finish them. I knew I wanted a wall hanging for the upstairs loft, I just wasn’t sure where to start. I got the idea of a random arrangement of the blocks from oh so many inspirational modern quilting examples I’ve seen. The problem? How do you get it to seem random without pulling your hair out? 

The answer to some extent lies in “just start” and the rest in serendipity. I started out with my favorite block, the on point pinwheels, and sashed it with jelly roll strips of white. Then I assembled some of the other blocks and just started playing around with the background pieces I had, cutting strips and chunks as I needed them and working by section. There’s a bottom section, a top left, and a top right that are all pieced into great big rectangles that were then assembled together. I added a couple more jelly roll strips on the right and bottom to make it a little bigger and voila. It’s just a little bit longer than the pumpkin wall hanging I made for Halloween, so I know it will look great on the wall where I’m planning to put it. Now the problem is figuring out a backing.

I could piece it from the leftover jelly rolls, but I kind of want to use those in other projects. I’m thinking another pillow cover and maybe something festive for Valentine’s Day. The issue is I don’t have anything that appropriate for the back right now. It might be time for a quick trip to Joann’s again; they had a lot of super cute patriotic prints the last time I was out! 

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