Monday, June 29, 2020

week fifteen

Having finished my sweater this past week, I was faced with my only knitting project being joining all of my color work patches. I was not (and am still not) looking forward to that, so what's a knitter to do? Start a new project of course! I wound these cute little cakes of yarn while on a video call with my mom. We were both rummaging through our craft supplies looking for new things to work on. We are so in sync that we were between projects at the same time! Rummaging through my stash led me to these and reminded me of the color work mittens I had planned for them. These are more goodies from the Stitches West marketplace last year. I considered just working from the skeins since they were mini skeins, but her pragmatic "just get your swift out and wind them, you'll thank yourself later" was enough to get me to winding. As ever, she was right.

This color work is challenging but fun. There are just a few rows where I needed to manage three colors, and I learned a couple of new and flashy techniques: the Latvian braid and that fancy hemline. As of this posting I've made a bit more progress up the hand and it's looking really cool! This past week was full of knitting and I anticipate this week will see a few more inches of these come to be.

As I write this, things are looking like we may be taking a step back on the COVID front. My understanding mid week was that the county would be issuing a new order that would reflect increased relaxation of our lockdown, but it seems like this weekend the news was all about rising case numbers again. We may be headed for a step back, or perhaps just a delay in continuing to open. Fingers crossed that we can get a handle on this and make some progress soon. We will see where the wind blows this week. 

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