Thursday, June 11, 2020

piecing in the heat

There's been a lot of progress on this bright and summery quilt I started a few weeks ago. It's been so hot outside that I haven't spent much time in the garden during the week other than the minimum required to water it and peek at all the growing things. Also having all the pieces sitting by the sewing machine in that handy little basket I made really helps. I've used bags before, but the visual aid of seeing what is IN the basket tips the scale in favor of "do this now". Each day this week I've managed to spend a significant chunk of time with the next set of blocks. 

Many seams and bobbins later, I have 20 of these duck and duckling blocks done. Added to the 12 others I have done and I'm halfway through the blocks! The color combination is growing on me more and more, and I am really intrigued to see how the different blocks will play together when they are assembled. I'm finding the construction satisfyingly complex but approachable. I am learning patience with sewing triangles to things without stretching biases and the importance of pressing and not ironing. I am also learning that I have a limit to how long I can sit in the chair in front of the machine. Obviously the answer is not breaks, it is a comfortable cushion. The search begins. 

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