Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Oh my gosh, I basted my quilt from this summer -- finally! The top has been hanging up in my sewing room since late August. I originally thought I would have to piece a back, but I ended up settling on a print that was wide enough to use on its own. I just caught a wild hare the other night and really wanted to get the hand quilting on this started, so I spent the evening basting. Dave has been asking when this will be done, so he was pretty jazzed when he came home and saw me working on this. 

As it turns out, the card table is actually a great surface to baste on, much preferable to the floor. I had always thought I needed to spread out on the floor to do this, but gravity and the smooth table surface actually really helped the whole process. No puckers, no sore knees, and a nicely basted quilt in the end. No more floor basting for this girl!

I started a little bit of the hand quilting. I'm going to take my time with it and have fun. Jack is very excited about the prospect of me under a quilt on the couch in the evenings, so I have to keep stopping him from climbing on it. I'd like to try to keep it kitty hair free at least until I've finished it! Then he can sit on it and me all he wants. 

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  1. It looks great!
    I'm itching to get a new quilt started here (aside from the one I am working on for sewing club at church)
    I'm hoping that 2013 will bring me the will power to really set aside time each and every day for my sewing.

  2. Hi, I found your blog through Lily's Quilts small blog meet. I love this especially the hand stitching, beautiful.


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