Wednesday, February 6, 2019

mosaic musings

I'm not sure why the colors are so difficult to photograph, but my mosaic crochet project is nearly complete. I basically went until I didn't have any of the Caron cake left, which unsurprisingly did not get me through the whole pattern. The original pattern has a border motif, so when I got to the end I just had to figure out how to gracefully finish up the pattern so it looked ok at the edge. I ended up using a little bit of some stash yarns to get the last rounds finished, a peach for the pattern rows and a dark brown for the background. It's noticeable if you're looking for it but overall not a bad solution.

It's too big to be a pillow cover and not big enough to call a blanket at just about 35" square unblocked, but Dave made the point to me that it is actually a nice size for a small lap throw so I'm going with that. The plan is to make some pom poms to accessorize it. I got this pretty gold yarn for that, and I'm just trying to decide on what my pom pom strategy is going to be. Four corners? Two edges? Hilariously huge? Just big enough? Not sure yet, but I think once I make a few and audition some options it will become clear.

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