Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunwalker at last

I have had this project in my Ravelry queue since November 2015! If memory serves me right, I queued it once I bought the yarn for it. I've finished quite a few other things since then... I'm not sure why I didn't want to start it. It's a piece I really want to have and I LOVE the color of this yarn, so it's weird, but regardless I finally dove in and cast on the evening of the day I finished the baby quilt. That seemed like a good way to celebrate a finish!

It should be a relatively relaxing pattern since it's just moss stitch forever at the beginning, but for some reason it isn't yet. There is a 12 row repeat of increases for the shaping and I think that's what tripping me up. I haven't got them memorized, so I have to refer to the pattern quite a bit. The nice thing is that I've figured out a way to move around a stitch marker at the end of the row to let me know which row of the repeat I'm on. That way I don't have to think TOO hard to track rows, I just check the pattern to remind me what the beginning couple of stitches are to get the increases right. 

The green of this yarn is gorgeous, and there are little speckles of yellows and oranges mixed throughout that make it interesting. I love it! Looking forward to slow and steady progress this year. It took me this long to start, why rush the finish!

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