Wednesday, February 27, 2019

another beginning

I was inspired by my trip to Stitches West this past weekend to start more of the things. I just got myself a bunch of very pretty yarn that I really want to use! Before that though, I have a lot of pretty yarn already in the stash that I've got plans for. I should at least start on some of those projects before diving in to something totally brand new (I am itching to start that sweater...).

This lovely ball of yarn is one of those that got wound earlier this month when I needed the last hank of my Shetland shawl yarn wound. Turns out it was great to have this ready to go when inspiration struck, I literally had to cast on just 8 stitches and away I went on a new knitting adventure. This is one of my purchases from the King's Mountain Art Fair. I remember it was one of those skeins I couldn't put down - the color combination is unusual with orange, yellow, and purpley blue. 

I found a pattern that looks like it plays well with irregularly variegated yarns like this one. It's got garter stitch stripes alternated with some open dropped stitch and simple yarn over bands. It's pretty mindless knitting, mindless meant in the most positive of ways, and I've already made a lot of progress in just a couple evenings of working on it. The rest of my knitting projects require quite a bit of attention, so it's nice to have something simpler to just breeze through some days. Maybe I won't be so happy in a few months when none of these are finished yet, but that's just borrowing trouble and  for now I'm happy to be digging into the stash and getting a few more things started. 

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