Friday, January 10, 2020

furry lining

This knitted cowl has been in my cabinet since 2011, I think I've worn it maybe once. It's made of a very squishy and weighty alpaca yarn in a gorgeous purple color that I just love. Problem is, it's super itchy. I don't know if it's an allergy or just sensitivity, but it has been uncomfortable enough that it's prevented me from ever reaching for this when I need a warm neck. What's a girl to do?? Obviously the answer was to line it with fur. 

I noticed that I've been consistently admiring lined cowls this year as I'm out and about. They're showing all sorts of fluffy fillings to cowls including faux fur. While I was out at the fabric store for other things I stopped by the remnant section and found a good chunk of this gorgeous brindled fur. I used some of it for a stocking Mom and I made for Jasmine, but we had plenty left over for me to try this out. 

The first strip I cut was an inch or so short. It fit the piece fine, but wasn't able to get around my head twice like I wanted for this longer cowl. I fixed that for the second piece (and now have a tube of fur to find another use for...) and sewed it in by hand with a simple whip stitch. I thought about machine sewing but the more I considered how difficult the fur was to sew for the stocking, the more I second guessed that and stuck with doing it manually. It turned out great and it's also super warm! Betting it gets a lot more wear now with this little addition. 

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