Wednesday, January 15, 2020

getting scrappy

There's a quilt project brewing in the craft room again! I had a fun time scrap diving to find these big pieces of warm and cool fabrics. I had forgotten I had all of these, to be honest. I have jars of scraps on the shelves with smaller bits, but my opaque can full of these larger cuts has sort of travelled with me in relative anonymity. 

I also found some leftover neutral fabric and enough linen pieces to end up with enough background squares for my half square triangles. Originally I thought about making the HSTs half cool and half warm, but after finding the perfect amount of this off white, I figured I'd use it. Also this way there will be more visual space in the quilt.

I am improvising this based off of a design I came across on Pinterest. The Pinterest link didn't work (so many of them don't anymore!) but through some determined googling I did end up finding the original designer of the quilt who posted the piece as part of a blog hop to celebrate the release of that year's Art Gallery Fabric line, Etno. 

I don't have any measurements or anything to go off of, but the pattern looks to be just flying geese and half square triangles with a single center square. I did just get a flying geese ruler for my birthday, so I just chose the biggest size it would make (4x8 inches, finished) and went from there. Any quilt block is adjustable, really, and half square triangles are probably the easiest to make any size aside from just cutting squares of fabric out. So, these are 4.5 inch HSTs and flying geese that are 4.5x8.5 inches before sewing together. They'll end up 4 inch and 4x8 to give me something about 40 inches square. 

The middle square is an on point block that I swear I did the math correctly on to get it to be 8.5 inches unfinished, but it ended up as an 8 inch block instead. There was enough of the geese fabric left over to just add some strips around the outside to make what will be a very pretty border on that square. I think it will look even better than I planned. Love it when that happens. All it needs now is some trimming and assembly. Not bad for an afternoon's work!

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