Saturday, January 18, 2020

trimming down

Trimming blocks is the least best part of quilting. I say that because quilting is all pretty great, but I've never really loved trimming things up. We try to be perfect about it, but with ruler wiggles and seam folds and all the "reality" involved in making these things we draw out on paper, is there ever really a perfect block? Regardless, I trimmed. 

Obviously the flying geese required trimming, and this handy dandy ruler I got for my birthday this year really makes it quite doable and fun. Cut 1-2, flip, cut 3-4, done! More of these in my future, for sure. I've always wanted to make an all-flying-geese quilt. 

Squaring up all of those HSTs was less fun, but no less important. I've always kind of winged it and trusted that I could make adjustments as I've sewn, but really why not just do this very simple thing and give myself a better chance of everything lining up without fudge? After trimming up all of these blocks yesterday, I will say that having the space to spread out and the right height work surface (the counter height cabinet) makes it not at all terrible. A ringing endorsement, indeed. 

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