Monday, January 27, 2020

Happy Scrappy quilt top, finished

Today I finished my first quilt top of 2020. After sewing everything together I have a square of about 41", a very good sized baby blanket. I am enjoying the somewhat scrappy, somewhat ordered look of this so far. 

Happy to report that despite my griping, the trimming was totally worth it. My points all lined up effortlessly and all of the sections were well behaved as I assembled them into the larger whole. I sewed each quadrant of HSTs together into rows first then added row to row until the 4x4 square was complete. The flying geese panels went together quickly, and then I just attached the top quadrants to its geese panel, same with the bottom, and then the middle square in one long strip between its two geese panels. Then those three pieces got attached to make the whole thing. I did pay attention to be sure my seams and points were lined up and well behaved, but it didn't take much. Thumbs up. 

I took some of the leftover pieces and improv pieced my way through a back. I started with the smaller scraps of prints and randomly pieced them together with minimal trimming. That resulted in a very cool looking patchwork panel that I then added larger scrap pieces to until I had a 44" square back. There is a nice big section of the gray dotted flannel on there, so it should be a cozy little blanket. Basting, quilting, and binding left!

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