Friday, May 15, 2020

I started another thing

I pieced both a big project and a little project recently and my table top is clear. So this week seemed like a great time to pull out another big project I've had on the shelf ready to go. This is the second of three quilts I've had stacked up and waiting since we've moved in. The first was the pineapple quilt and the third is yet to come but will be so fun. 

At the beginning of the week I did so. much. cutting. and then the last couple of days I've been working away at the sewing machine. Once again I've learned the benefits of trimming things to size. Ask me how many times I pulled out my seam ripper. Wait, don't. Ok. It was three blocks. I took apart the last steps of the first three blocks I put together because they were all wonky and the fourth one that I trimmed looked just perfect. Sigh. Fine. 

It's going to be a queen sized quilt, so there's lots more to come on this one. Including 20 more of these blocks with a different background color. Onward!

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