Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hey, Soul Sister

So fun! I got on a roll and just finished this sucker up last night. It took a few hours, but it pretty much just flew off the needles. Compared to all those fingering weight projects I've done over the past year this was positively speedy. 

I haven't worked on a project with cables in a long time because I always pick ones that require close attention to the pattern and I haven't had the luxury to sit and knit without doing anything else in quite a while (case in point, my now-hibernating Aidez sweater). Not true here; the cowl was simple enough in logic that eventually remembering what came next was easy and I could keep up my Inspector Morse-watching. 

The cables are a mix of big 5x5 twists and smaller double twists of 2x2 which make for a pretty pattern and substantial structure to the piece. I didn't block it at all because I did not want to stretch out the ribbed edges and I was pretty satisfied with how it looked after some pulling and fluffing by hand. The only thing I think blocking might have done with this acrylic is soften it up a little bit (based on my long ago cabled hoodie experience). I expect it will soften up over time and use. 

Here's the namesake, my 'soul sister', modeling it in the office today. I told her to look cold. It hasn't been super nippy up here lately, but here's hoping for a little bit of real California winter (rain!) before the season is over. We're having a drought Mother Nature, can you help us out?

Summary (full details on Ravelry): Double cabled cowl, 3 skeins of Bernat softee chunky in Berry Red, knit on size 11 needles. Paired up the long-tail cast on and the Russian bind off again, and it worked nicely even with the ribbing.

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