Friday, May 15, 2020

little basket

As I sat chain piecing the first set of blocks of my next gargantuan quilt, I heard smaller projects calling my name. I've been Pinterest surfing (honestly, when am I not...) and have seen some very tempting sewing projects come through my feed including super cute fabric baskets. 

Ta da! Ask and ye shall receive, brain. After finishing the first set of quilt blocks I set aside all the piles of painstakingly precut squares and strips in favor of wrestling with some irregular pieces of fabric and fusible interfacing. Similar to knitting hats instead of blankets and shawls, the quick finish was incredibly satisfying. I was also pleased to realize that I've now made enough bag-like objects that this process wasn't really a mystery to me. It's a little bit like realizing you have finally mastered a recipe and can start riffing on it to make your own variations. 

This pair of somewhat subdued prints combined very nicely into a container for some birthday gifts. I'm not sure what else will go into the basket besides the unicorn ornament I made (using the last materials from our holiday crafting craze) nor when I will manage to get it to the birthday girl since I'm not likely to be up in her zip code for a bit, but at least I'm done with it before the big day. It's the thought that counts, right? 

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  1. This challenged me to try my hand at basket making, made a Mickey Mouse print basket.


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