Monday, May 4, 2020

week seven

The quarantine sweater continues to grow and the shelter in place order continues to extend. We would have been “released” today, but we’ve been extended until the end of this month. It’s strange to think that we will have been mostly inside for the whole spring season. I’m sad to miss exploring our new town in what is such a beautiful time of year. But we continue to be healthy, and we continue to find ways to enjoy ourselves in our home and garden which isn’t at all a bad thing.

Predictably, once the striping started, the inches started to fly by a bit faster. There’s just something about stripes that make miles of stockinette seem more manageable. It also helps that the weather has been so nice that I can sit outside and knit for good chunks of time. The birds all seem friendly and curious, and they provide a wonderful musical accompaniment. Things are looking good so far. Especially in the outdoor lighting the contrast of the stripes is looking good. Sometimes working on it at night I’m not so sure the greens are different!

 Last night I started sleeve number one. After reading a bit I decided that making two sleeves at a time with anything other than magic loop seemed like an absolute pain. So one at a time we go. I’m sure the stripes will get me through.

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