Monday, May 11, 2020

week eight

I feel like the theme of the last week for me has been "online shopping". We've settled into a good rhythm of checking in with our folks and having some video calls pretty regularly, especially since there have been so many birthdays lately, but what I've been missing from the before time (most recently) is being able to go out to fabric stores and enjoy a good browse. Champagne problems, I know. I may have taken advantage of some pre Mother's Day sales to scratch the itch digitally.

In fact I got myself a few jelly rolls on good sale from Joann's last week. The red and blue prints here are two of the rolls, and I've combined them with a Kona white roll I already had to get a head start on a festive pillow project for July. A fun thing about having some more space (for storage especially) is getting to decorate more and also having the space to store things to rotate in as seasons change. I'm looking forward to filling our quilt ladders and developing a solid stash of pillow covers to seasonally deck the halls.

When I got the rolls I had in mind a summery project or two but not a specific pattern. I found a tutorial online for flying geese using jelly roll strips and decided now was the time to realize the all-flying-geese project I've been craving. A quick look at my Pinterest board of quilts tells me I go through phases of wanting to make large flocks of geese. Rather than get overly ambitious and make another quilt (I have two more planned already in the queue...) I decided on a pillow cover. We've got a few big throw pillows floating around the house and at least one of them is going to be ready for fireworks and watermelon. 

And what's the bonus? By stitching just one more seam each time I attached two pieces of fabric I was able to generate lots and lots of little half square triangles. I see a lot of trimming happening in week nine! 

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