Monday, March 4, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day March

I haven't summarized my monthly finishes in a couple of months, but I'm back at it for March. Here is a mosaic of my February finishes, followed by mosaics from January and December just for good measure. It's been a productive winter!

Last month I took care of business with a couple sets of bee blocks and stayed on track with my knitting projects to finish a few things I had in progress. Another "project" was purging and organizing my yarn stash. I'm looking forward to starting some new endeavors, soon!  February was a busy month in other areas of life, and March will likely prove to be the same way, so it is really nice to have portable WIPs to work on in the in between moments.

February 2013

January was all about small, fast projects. We came back from our holiday travels and had to get right back at it at work so these short commitments were just the thing to satisfy my creative itch.

January 2013

Oh December crafting, how I love you so. It was a hectic holiday season for sure, but is it ever any other way? I enjoyed making gifts for others as well as finding time for a couple of finishes for myself. Then there was the fun times at home with Mom. :o)

December 2012
Lily's Quilts


  1. It's great to catch up on posting your project progress.

  2. What a bunch of lovely finishes. I love the knitting - I don't do sticks and string!


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